My Objectives

As soon as my teenage was into its dying phase, one of the question that I use to hear from almost every adult that I encounter , especially from those who work , was What do you like to be when you grow up , ‘Remember that most may say , I want to be this or that or like my mother or like my father and many other else ‘. My aim is to work for IT giants like Google or Microsoft as a technically and logically sounded Software Engineer.

From my childhood till today, my most remarkable characteristics have been my curiosity to learn new topics. My keen interest for learning new ideas, when combined with my inner desire to reach a degree of excellence in every piece of work I perform, enabled me to acquire significant knowledge on various aspects of nature and technology, as well as leading me through a successful educational career.

This is how, it all started off..

During my early ages in school, we had a session known as “Computer”, which I enchanted the most, at that time we were allowed to operate the computers for gaming. And we used to await our turn for playing games like Mario and Nintendo. Computer was thus introduced to me as a means of fun. As years went, computers were taught as one of the subject, included in the academics as “Computer Fundamentals”. It was only in standard fifth when I actually got to know the immense use of the machine named “Computer”. Until then the statement “ C.P.U is the brain of the computer” was mere a theoretical statement. Once, in standard eight my class teacher told me to collect the money from the students who were supposed to come for the picnic. Being the class representative, I had to do the task, but was reluctant due to the large number of students present. We had almost hundred students in the class. So, I thought to make use of computer to record all the amount of information I had to. When the task was accomplished, my class teacher complimented for my brilliance. Since then, I came to knew the tremendous share of importance a computer has, in our personal day today. Right from a small calculation to huge processing, it has greatly influenced in this 21st century.